Rushing and Pledging FAQ's.

Q: What is Rush?

A: Rush is the period in which a Fraternity puts on a series of events in the hopes of appealing to the ideals of potential new members. During this time, the Brothers of the Fraternity participate in each event in the hopes of meeting and getting to know potentially interested members. The rush period at Hobart College typically lasts a week, as defined by the College. At Sigma Chi, our rush events start open to all undergraduates, then become invite only as the week ends.

Q: What is a bid?

A: A bid is your formal invitation to become a pledge brother of the Colony. At Sigma Chi, we do not "bid to pledge," rather, we "bid to initiate." This for the potential new member, this means that if you are given a bid, it is our sincere intention to initiate you into our brotherhood following the Pledge Education process.

Q: What if greek life is not for you?

A: Please come talk to one of our Brothers! As a Brotherhood, we firmly believe that we find strengths across our different temperaments, talents and convictions. In practical terms, this means that we want people who are genuine and willing to be themselves, even if that means questioning the status quo.

Q: Does Sigma Chi haze?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT. Sigma Chi as an international headquarters prohibits hazing in any form. Further, Sigma Chi firmly stands against hazing as part of the Pledge Education process, because the bonds of brotherhood cannot be forged in maltreatment. One of our reasons for being is because our founding brothers, while in search for greek life, chose to not to allow themselves to be hazed by other fraternities on campus.